NEWS IN BRIEF: Laptops stolen in two city burglaries

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A LAPTOP was stolen from a house on Meadow View Road, Greenhill, Sheffield, during a sneak-in burglary in the early hours of Sunday, October 14.

Another was stolen from Sharrow Vale Road, Sharrow Vale, Sheffield, overnight on Tuesday last week, and last Wednesday a door was forced by a burglar who raided a house on Meadowhead.

Piping pinched

METAL plumbing pipes were stolen from an empty property on Overend Way, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, sometime between last Monday and Thursday. Call police on 101.

Sheds broken into

A SHED on Neill Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield, was broken into during daylight hours last Wednesday. That night a shed and garage were raided on Abney Drive, Heeley.

Toilet set ablaze

FIREFIGHTERS were called to a portable toilet set alight on Broad Carr Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, at 11am on Sunday.