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Police helicopter scrambled twice

THIEVES who stole a quad bike from a compound in Wombwell, Barnsley, were followed by the South Yorkshire Police helicopter until the van into which they loaded it into was stopped.

Officers on the ground used a ‘stinger’ to burst the van’s tyres to stop it and all the occupants were arrested.

The police helicopter was also used by officers scouring Thurcroft for youths causing a nuisance on off-road motorbikes on Sunday afternoon.

Chip pan blazes

AN UNATTENDED chip pan set fire to a kitchen in Oakwood Road East, Broom Valley, Rotherham, at 5pm on Sunday.

In Barnsley firefighters were called to a chip pan fire in Queen’s Road at 7pm on Saturday. A fire service spokesman said: “Never leave cooking unattended.”

Security lapse

A BURGLAR broke into a home on Bowshaw Avenue, Batemoor, Sheffield, after a door was left unlocked. The offender struck during daylight hours last Wednesday.

The night before a boiler was stolen from an unoccupied house on nearby Bowshaw View.

Van set on fire

A VAN was set alight in Bolton Street, Broomhall, Sheffield, in the early hours yesterday. Crews from Central station spent an hour there.

Burglar smashed in

A PATIO door on Abbey Lane, Beauchief, Sheffield, was smashed by a burglar who stole from the house last Wednesday.

Door forced open

A HOUSE on Stewart Road, Sharrow Vale, Sheffield, was broken into when a door was forced open between October 19 and 22.

Postbox arson

A POSTBOX was set alight in Handsworth, Sheffield. Crews from Darnall fire station tackled the blaze.