New S6 coffee not to all tastes

Ron Clayton
Ron Clayton
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The appearance of a Costa coffee shop in Hillsborough may be welcomed by those residents who want to see better facilites in this always popular residental district.

Independents such as Java Lounge and others with an established niche in the market may not.

However there may be a hidden cost to the character of a much loved part of Hillsborough -its Park -which has formed, entertained and educated many a sixer - as Labour veteran and former local Roy Hattersley has pointed out.

Hillsborough Walled Garden- put together some years ago by locals when the area had more of a community spirit than it does now- not only provides a local amenity but until some years ago that rare thing in Sheffield - public conveniences. A better result than the original car park proposal. Since then the Park has hadseveral upgrades which have provided an excellent bowling facility and sports stadium. The Walled Garden remains the bridesmaid and not the the bride [bit like me] - seats donated by locals deteriorate for want of care and attention ie a coat of varnish. But there is a more worrying concern. For years the former coach house of Hillsborough Hall-the Library-dated 1774 and grade 2 listed- though not as highly rated or expensive or expensive as Park Hill- has become decrepit as it has been left to decay. Much money and paper has been produced with a view to giving it a new life as a Park cafe -it was briefly up for sale recently -but nothing transpired.The growth of coffee shops in the vicinity obviously negates the need for one in the park.

Hillsborough is not so affluent that the Park can support a designated cafe like Endcliffe or Rivelin nor so needy as other areas of the city - and the coachhouse situation not one so easily picked by the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society as those in other parts but it is worrying to those of us in S6.

Likewise the fate of the unlisted Old Blue Ball-now for let- whose central portion is probably the oldest building left in Owlerton.

Councillors and Political Parties even MP’S come and go in S6. Problems which have come and - in some cases are resolved- remain.

All Joe Public can do is flag them up.