New building to replace library

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a LETTER (Feb 10) incorrectly stated that the new Library Learning Centre SOAR is developing with the council would result in the closure of Margetson Crescent and Southey Libraries. I was disappointed that an extremely positive story for the area was negatively portrayed.

Southey Library is not closing and the new building was always intended to replace Margetson Crescent Library, providing a much improved library, with improved stock and self-issue meaning residents can borrow books throughout the week (Margetson Library currently closes Tuesdays and Thursdays).

The Learning Zone, as the building will be known, is in the heart of the new district centre for the area and will include Sheffield Homes housing office as well as an ICT suite, classroom space and meeting rooms.

We have more than 60 Margetson Crescent Library users signed up to our Friends Group to assist us with stock selection and interior design decisions and we’re also working closely with Chaucer School Council.

Books and libraries are symbols of civilised societies, which is why SOAR has worked hard with the community and council to secure funding for the building and we’re really proud that this innovative and exciting building is due to open in June, particularly in light of the current economic climate.

Keith Donston, Chair of SOAR

THE importance of libraries cannot be over-emphasised. They provide an open door to the world. They not only provide books but a quiet place to do research. Knowledgeable staff are always on hand to give advice. I have good news: the Lib Dems will close no libraries. They even re-opened Ecclesall Library after Labour closed it. I’m a library fanatic. I go to story-telling sessions in children’s libraries. And I look forward to working with local people to protect our libraries.

Diana Stimely, Hemsworth Rd