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I retired from SYPTE almost six years ago after being employed there for over 40 years and felt I must comment on the recent fatal accident at Haymarket.

I used to cross the roads in the area on a daily basis and on numerous occasions informed the manager of the commercial section at that time, of the dangers in crossing those roads.

There were too many buses stopping at any one stop, plus the backing up of buses, waiting to go through the traffic lights when they were on red, at the junction of Commercial Street.

Pedestrians had to weave in and out of standing buses, often double-parked taking their lives into their hands.

The young bus driver who organised the petition is correct in her assumption that this was an accident waiting to happen.

As is the norm, I presume something will be done now by the council and other governing bodies in Sheffield to alleviate this ever happening again.

Too late I am sorry to say for the beautiful young lady whose life was cut short by this incident. I hope and pray the injured young man meets with a full and speedy recover.

An accident that could so easily have been avoided.


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