Nepal needs long-term help after earthquake, Sheffield expert warns

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A Sheffield-based disaster expert has said it will take years for Nepal to recover after the devastating earthquake which killed 2,000 people.

Dr Andrew Lee, a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, has carried out research in Nepal and said the situation will be urgent for people living in the mountains.

He said: “A lot of the road access to people living in the mountains is gone, the only way to get up to them is by helicopter.

“Relief workers will find it very hard to get to these areas, but that is where the greatest need will be.

“It’s an urgent situation. Their homes and crops will have been devastated, they will be injured and they will have no building materials for shelter.

“They are only five weeks away from monsoon season and they will be at risk of diseases such as dysentery and cholera.

“Nepal will be wholly dependent on support for years in rebuilding the infrastructure they have lost, from buildings and hospitals to running water pipes and electricity.”