Need hand at council

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So Julie Dore is writing to all of us to give her a helping hand.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she couldn’t lead a horse to water. What will it be next? Does she want a hand tying her shoelaces?

Gwen Smith, Norfolk Park

A world of their own

what a pity we can’t put Cameron and Clegg on board the Mars mission. They could establish their own little world.

After all they’re already in a world of their own, or will be after the next elections.

Martha Carrington. Hallam.

Women of steel plea

Calling the women of steel. Did you work in a Sheffield munitions factory during the Second World War? Would you like to share your experiences for a historical study?

I am a student at a local university and need volunteers to participate in oral interviews. Please share your histories and experiences of munitions factory war work.

Contact me at or call 07927 141 114.


Poor postal service

I sympathise with the gentleman who was annoyed that his granddaughter didn’t receive her card in time for her birthday. I don’t know why we have a two-tier postal system as it clearly doesn’t work that way.

Unbeknown to ourselves, myself living in Sheffield and a friend in Inverness posted envelopes to each other on the same day. Hers had a first class stamp and mine a second. The second class one arrived in Inverness two days later, which I would say is quite acceptable.

I received the first class one this morning, having taken eight days to reach me in Sheffield. This is totally unacceptable

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