Need for help high for city’s young homeless

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Sheffield young people’s homeless charity Roundabout says demand for its services remains high as the latest national figures reveal a rise in the number of young people facing life on the streets.

According to new figures from Citizens’ Advice, the number of young people aged 17 to 24 who are homeless is still increasing.

During 2012-13, some 4,529 people asked Citizens’ Advice for help, an increase of 57 per cent from 2007-08 when the service received 2,890 calls.

Sheffield charity Roundabout supports 150 homeless young people across the city every day and has the only emergency hostel in Sheffield for young homeless people aged 16 to 21.

Chief Executive Officer Ben Keegan says the organisation’s experience completely reflects the national statistics.

“Demand for our services remains high,” he said. “Despite this, we are receiving funding cuts, meaning we now rely heavily upon public donations. We need local people to donate to Roundabout and help us provide a safe place for young people to go.”

The charity is currently raising £10,000 to improve eight flats on St Barnabas Road – vital accommodation for young people leaving the main Roundabout hostel.