National Service views are tripe

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EB Warris’s letter on National Service is absolute tripe and insults the thousands of young men who were called up.

Contrary to the view that they were never needed in warfare, many fought and died in Korea and lives were lost in campaigns against the EOKA terrorists in Cyprus and the Mau Mau in Kenya.

Men were sent to Suez and, at the same, time were needed as a deterrent against the possibility of war with the Eastern Bloc. From the end of WW2 until 1960, National Servicemen have been involved in many situations worldwide.

On poor pay I can only say this was in reality spending money with all clothing, food and lodging included.

National Service wasn’t something I looked forward to as a civilian, but it changed my life for the better. I saw ‘hard cases’ suddenly mellow and many quiet lads open up and become men. Lifetime friendships were forged and most men learned self discipline and a bit of ‘backbone’.

I can’t ever remember anyone moaning about loss of civilian jobs because they were plentiful and for myself and many others it was an opportunity to look for something better than what I’d done before National Service.

PLR, Charnock

Oh dear, EB Warris! National Servicemen never needed in warfare? Let me see - East Africa, Malaya, Korea...

PW, Stannington

Cinema places

With reference to ‘Poor show for disabled’ (Aug 22), I’d like to say that Cineworld is the worst culprit for not offering easily accessable places with a decent view in auditoriums for wheelchair users. Just one out of 20 screens offers a wheelchair place other than at the front. And for disabled customers lucky enough to be able to walk up the stairs to seats with a better view, only half the auditoriums have handrails.

Claire Howson