National Service

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Thousands of fit young men were taken out of the workforce to do National Service costing the country millions which it could ill afford when it was still recovering from World War II. These men were never needed in warfare and were returned to civilian life after two years. Most were dejected and their jobs taken by others. National Service was more like National Assistance from the meagre pay they received.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14

Sandwich bar

You printed an article (Aug 16) relating to the opening of a sandwich bar on Waterdale, Doncaster, which has been called Rodini’s. I would like to make it clear that this operation has nothing to do with Rodini Properties Ltd, the owners of the Waterdale Centre . James Morris is not a tenant of any premises on the Waterdale Centre.

Alison Kearey, Property

Manager, Rodini Properties Ltd

Old Post Office

At last! Someone is on my side and wishes to protect the grand old Post Office, in Fitzalan Square, Sheffield. If ever I had the power or the funding that is definitely where it would go. If anyone is rallying support to save this building, please keep me informed.

CM Toms, Meadowhead, S8

Grateful thanks

The family of the lady who fell and hurt her face on July 29, at the top of Firshill Crescent wish to thank the man in a white van who stopped to comfort her until paramedics came. Chivalry is not dead.

A Murdoch and family

Killer’s holiday

That judge who sentenced Ray Eden’s killer to four years and nine months ought to be ashamed of himself. Ray could have had another 40 years of life. Meanwhile his killer gets a short holiday, full board and out in two and half years. No wonder people do these things.

Jack Tompking,

Scampton Lodge, S5