Naked affection for Harry

Harry: A prince of a lad
Harry: A prince of a lad
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Prince Harry, what a lad.

So cheer thousands of soldiers and their wives risking the wrath of Army bosses by stripping off to support the bare-cheeked Prince. Over 13,000 have joined military Facebook site Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute.

In Afghanistan, squaddies have posed with only machine guns for cover. In the UK, Army wives and have been striking Calendar Girl-style poses with strategically placed items from their husbands’ kit.

All to give Harry the affectionate support his father, Royal grandfather and uncles could never even dream of receiving from the Great British public.

Thanks to the huge shift in opinion brought about by the death of their mother, Harry and William have lived as near-normal lives as possible.

Hence we don’t see much difference between a hugely likeable, up for a laugh prince heading off on holiday to Vegas with his mates and ending up in a saucy game of strip billiards and any other 27-year-old single lad having a Wales of a time.

Unless it transpires anything worse happened on his lads’ holiday, it’s the money-grabbing girls who sold their snapshots I’m disgusted with.