Mysterious warning sign was stuck 10ft up a pole

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Highway daylight robbery is still here today in unfair parking tickets issued by Sheffield Council.

I’d returned to my car on Trippet Lane to find a parking ticket on my car, I’d paid £4 for two hours and was totally shocked to find I had left the vehicle in a bay that was suspended – why?

Does the council and it’s merry men think a motorist would deliberately park if there was a cone or bollard or just a simple sign on the door of the client of the council? No! But no such signs of this kind were there! One sign only was found.

Where was this mysterious warning well 20ft away from where I parked, 10ft up a pole slapped on a normal yellow & black poster with small words on a postcard size attached in felt tip pen half-inch letters saying don’t park at the certain address.

But to be fair I had all on putting the £4 change in the machine, than to start looking up poles for signs which didn’t seem to concern me.

I rang the council to see if my letter had reached them complaining. Yes was the answer, but you’ll have to wait two months for a reply, we’re overwhelmed with delayed work! No wonder! What can the Sheffield motorist do I had to pay my £35 fine, any delay it said the fine would double to £70. Come back Dick Turpin, I’m sure it would be fairer to our ripped off local motorists, not the devious unclear council signs.

Mr Despro