My wait for a pacemaker seems to go on forever

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Three years ago, I had a heart attack. Last year, I was recommended for a pacemaker, was assessed in June 2013 and told there was a seven to 10 week waiting list.

After waiting a reasonable period, I approached my GP who was told it would be October. Another enquiry said December.

I got a definite date confirmed by letter for February 11, 2014 but it was cancelled on February 10.

Another date was set for Friday 14, 2014, but no letter had appeared by the 13th so I rang to be told this had also been cancelled.

I am finding it hard to breathe and walk around.

I realise there are going to be emergencies and things get altered but it seems appointments are cancelled and this could go on forever.

You get yourself worked up for the visit to hospital for it to be cancelled.

It is not acceptable for anyone and the sooner NHS bosses realise this the better.

The NHS was intended to treat people and needs sorting out so cancellation are minimal.

We should all complain more and contact our MPs.

They are the ones that can alter things.

I have carers who visit me each day and their organiser must wonder what I am doing cancelling carers only to have to get them re-instated.

Dave Tagg at Leonard Cheshire Disability thank you for your help.

C Wilson

Westminster Crescent, S10