My View, Bill Morrison - Let’s show that we care in 2015

St John's Hospice, Balby, Doncaster
St John's Hospice, Balby, Doncaster
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Well, it’s all over for another year, he has been with gifts galore and we have had the next big event, the new year celebrations. 

It was a time when once again we invaded the supermarkets and cleared the shelves of food and drink. Do we really believe that we are about to be struck by famine? By the Saturday, most of what we bought will possibly have ended up in the bin, surplus to our needs.

Millions starve worldwide and yet here we feast like the lords of ancient times. But we redeem ourselves by making many ridiculous new year resolutions. We will diet, stop smoking, drink less, be kind to others, treat old people and animals with due respect.

For many it’s a way to ease our guilt for the orgy of over-indulgence and bad behaviour.

If only we kept those self-made promises. Think how much better we would be – kinder, leaner, fitter, richer in every sense of the word.

Indeed we would be all-round good eggs. But we don’t.

All too often our promises are forgotten within a few days or even hours once the hangover has cleared. Perhaps we should make just one promise to ourselves and keep it, but make it a promise that will benefit others.

For example look in on an elderly neighbour once a week or more if time permits.

A friendly smile and a chat will often make someone happy and happiness like a smile can be infectious. Another way towards self improvement in 2015 would be to volunteer to help out at a local hospice, a youth centre or maybe there is a community centre near you that would appreciate a little help.

You will be surprised how good it will make you feel knowing you have made someone else’s day better. It costs nothing to care.

Remember all those years when parents and grandparents looked after and cared for you and in your twilight years someone else will take on that role of caring for you again? So now is your time to thank those from the early years and build some credit for the later ones. Go on. You know it makes sense.

A new year brings hope and aspirations for peace and harmony amongst all people and I sincerely hope that 2015 will see a lessening of hostilities around the world.

Our political masters must work harder at bringing about solutions to world problems. Talk is cheap but what we really want is positive action from all sides to achieve results. Our faith is tested when we read and hear of tragedies but it should toughen our resolve to ensure mistakes are not repeated.

Many tragic events which occur are accidents but some are not.

Recently another plane crashed, passengers were lost at sea and a ferry caught alight with people still on board. In 2015 let’s all work and pray for world peace.