My problems using supermarket car park

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I recently wrote to thank Sarah, who helped me when I was mugged in the Tesco, Infirmary Road, car park on November 21. It occurred to me that I should also write to alert readers to the problems using that car park.

The Tesco car park is dark - there is lighting but in my view it is inadequate. It seemed to me there was no CCTV and no security personnel patrolling.

My family, friends and I will be using an alternative supermarket now, one with a well-lit car park that has coincidentally just been built on Flora Street.

I feel so let down by Tesco, where I have spent lots of money over many years.

I can’t shop there any more.

I am not the first to be mugged in the car park and I can’t guarantee I will be the last.

Please be very careful when packing shopping away in any car park, especially at this time of year - no-one is immune.

An ex-Tesco shopper