My heart goes out to the young people of this country

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In one of his speeches, ‘Call me Dave’ promised to help 120,000 problem families after the riots in 2011, by addressing the problems head on.

Welcome to the next stage of riots Dave.

The job centre sent the 20-year-old to a Sheffield company where he was promised four 12-hour shifts. During his first week he worked three 12-hour shifts, the second week he worked two 12-hour shifts, the third week I met him coming home from work a desolate figure.

He had gone to work which started at 6am only to be told there was no work but to wait in the canteen along with nine other would-be workers.

They waited 45 minutes before being told to go home because there was no work.

Now he is told he can go to their sister company which is 10 miles away.

They are destroying the souls of our youngsters and none of them are worth voting for.

I asked him how his shift had gone only to learn he had worked just one 12 hour shift and he had purchased a £20 saver to get to work leaving him with £30 to live on. For the record the fourth and fifth week there was no work.

You Dave and the rest of them are a disgrace to this country, including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for getting the country in such state.

Having been a YTS teacher for a number of years my heart goes out to the young of this country.

Get your fingers out Dave and let’s have some building developments for school leavers to get work and money . Stop thinking about a third term because you do not deserve a second term but neither do the others deserve to run the country.

Name and address withheld