My fury over medals for ‘brave’ runners

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As a former winner I was on the startline hoping to run for the 16th time.

Almost 40 minutes after the race should have started the race was cancelled. Most of the serious club runners at the front stepped off the road. I was one of these. You may imagine my fury when race organisers gave out medals and T-shirts at the end to those who completed the course.

I am consumed with fury at this. Because I obeyed the instructions I now get penalised, and those who continued to run get “rewarded”. I have also been told I will not get my considerable entry fee refunded. How can this be right? We are always told to listen and obey to the marshals, which I did. Those who took matters into their own hands should not be seen as “courageous” and “brave”, which was reported in the press. They were acting against the advice given by both police and organisers. I am taking legal advice on this, and in the face of the stonewalling from the race organisers I would like to suggest that they should never undertake the organisation of a race ever again.

Jenny Chambers