My eager anticipation of our new market waned and disappeared

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Having read your article on the state of the new market (Moor) I feel compelled to put in my twopenn’orth.

As a trader in Sheffield markets for almost 30 years. Rag n Tag, Norfolk market, Rotherham (not long), Leeds I was one of many who looked forward to a new market coming to Sheffield. But like many others, my anticipation and enthusiasm waned and eventually disappeared. Years passed, old established traders, the Sargeants, the Granellis, Harringtons, Jacksons, etc. grew old or left. Experienced market managers left, to be replaced by others who hadn’t a clue.

What’s needed now is an experienced manager and assistant managers with experience and determination and the vision to tell councillors what needs to be done and how to do it.

This market was put in the wrong place. It should have been at the top end of the Moor, or somewhere near High Street in one of the big empty stores. It wouldn’t have cost as much as it did to build the present white elephant. The interior layout is back to front. The stall layout should have started from the front entrance, filling the huge empty space to your left, then gone to where it widens out.

You could play football in the space from the front entrance and where the stalls start. As long as traders gave value for money you couldn’t go wrong, Sheffield markets always did that.

My business was Punch Stores, we used to sell our million bread cakes a year.

My second, Scoop & Save, sold a ton of sugar per week and because we gave value we were successful. Castle Market was in the right place for people from Shirecliffe, Parson Cross, Shiregreen, Wybourn, Manor, Arbourthorne, not the middle-class outskirts to the south of Sheffield. My best wishes to the present hardworking market traders.

Derek Naylor