My Christmas money will be spent outside city this year

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I wont be spending any money in the city centre this Christmas, thanks to Sheffield Council.

Sheffield council and their parking authority are a joke and go out of their way to catch innocent drivers out and help fund gaps where national government are cutting back. On Sunday I took three visitors (six of us in total) to Sheffield centre, took the kids to the Firestation Museum and also to visit the Christmas market.

We parked both cars on Scotland Street and before leaving the car checked the pay metre. The first line says ‘Controlled Hours Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays)’ and then had a list of prices below. Admittedly maybe I should read all lists to the very bottom, even if I believe that having read the top line, and thinking this list doesn’t apply to me. The very bottom line it states ‘Sunday 8am to 8.30pm £1’. Having not fully read the metre and having parked the car there without a ticket, thinking that no fee was required, I was promptly given a £50 ticket, reduced to £25 for quick payment.

Had this have been an isolated issue with just our cars being caught out due to my own haste, I wouldn’t have bothered writing this, however of the eight cars parked there, six had tickets. I would say that the six cars there weren’t driven by fools, I would say that none was attempting to save £1.

I was happy to pay £24 for us all to attend the museum so another £1 wouldn’t have bothered me.

Therefore, I feel it’s fair to concede that maybe the way these charges are detailed are misleading. With this conclusion I will not be challenging the ticket and will pay the £25. However I would like the shop-keepers of Sheffield to know that £500 or so that I would normally spend in the city, will now be done online or at retail centres that aren’t patrolled by money-grabbing jobsworths.