Muscle mum in finals of body contest

Wendy Ally, bodybuilder
Wendy Ally, bodybuilder
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Buff bodybuilder Wendy Ally has muscled her way in to the final of a national contest – just months after she started to hone her physique.

The mum-of-two scooped second place in a qualifying round for the British National Bodybuilding Federation competition despite having foot surgery earlier this year.

Hairdresser Wendy battled on with her training even during her recovery from the operation.

She said: “Unfortunately my training was interrupted in February when I underwent foot surgery and was on crutches for seven weeks and unable to drive.

“That didn’t deter me though and two weeks post op I was back in the gym training, although it was upper body only.”

Wendy added: “Both staff, gym members and, of course, my family taxied me back and forth from home to gym allowing me to continue training.

“My surgeon had explained that there was a possibility I would not be able to compete this year if my foot did not recover in time and there was a strong possibility I wouldn’t fit into the necessary five inch stilettos to step on stage – but I didn’t let that deter me. “

Wendy – who was born in Sheffield but now lives in Chesterfield – said she became ‘hooked’ on bodybuilding after she started to enjoy a Zumba dancing computer game to lose weight in January last year.

She then took up running and joined a gym in her home village of Clowne.

Wendy added: “It was one of the staff who first spoke to me about bodybuilding, and asked if I’d ever considered it.

“To my surprise I found myself saying ‘yes’ out loud and the seed was sown.

“My natural bodybuilding journey began in January this year.”

Wendy has now had to change her life – swapping wine for protein shakes and meals out for evenings in the gym.

And she has dropped from 11 stone two pounds to just over nine stone.

Wendy added: “About 14 weeks before the competition I began a new strict diet regime and there was no room for any treats Monday to Saturday but certain high GI carbohydrates were introduced for a set period of time on a Sunday.

“It was very hard, no flexibility from your diet to enjoy summer barbecues or family meals out is hard on both yourself and family.

“It has all been worth it though.”

The final of the contest is in Manchester in September.