Murder case defendant says he stabbed Sheffield man in self-defence

Murder victim Mohammed Khalil, who was attacked in Greeland Drive, Darnall.
Murder victim Mohammed Khalil, who was attacked in Greeland Drive, Darnall.
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A defendant on trial for murdering a Sheffield man at his flat has said he acted in self-defence.

Corry Walters said he had gone round in the early hours of October 21 last year to the home of Mohammed Khalil to get a cigarette.

He said he had gone to Mr Khalil’s flat in Greenland Drive, Darnall, with co-defendant Connor O’Brien, who wanted some tin foil to allow him to smoke some drugs he had just purchased.

Giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court today, Walters, 22, of Stubbin Lane, Firth Park, said an argument had started between O’Brien and Mr Khalil about bringing strangers round to his house at a late hour which he got involved in.

He said he was trapped in the door by Mr Khalil, at which point Mr Khalil started to attack him with a garden fork. Walters said he ‘thought he was going to die’ and pulled out a knife from his pocket that he had earlier been using to cut up drugs.

“I didn’t think I was going to leave alive,” he said.

“I panicked and I remembered I had a knife in my left hand pocket. I tried to cut his arm thinking he would move away from the door and would release me.”

He said he stabbed the knife towards Mr Khalil and ran off when he got free, but did not believe he had seriously hurt the other man.

“I was just trying and trying, thinking I was going to die. Then all of a sudden, the door came free and I just ran. I thought he had just cut his arm.”

Walters said O’Brien had not been involved in the fight.

The jury was told that in Walters’ initial defence statement he had said the fatal attack had been carried out by O’Brien when he was not there.

He then gave an amended statement shortly after the start of the trial in which he said he had been involved, but had taken a knife from Mr Khalil before stabbing him in the arm in self-defence.

Asked why he had lied on both statements, Walters said: “I was scared and not thinking straight.”

He said he was telling the truth with his latest account.

Walters and O’Brien, aged 26, of Jubilee Road, Darnall, deny murdering Mr Khalil. The prosecution have previously said Mr Khalil was killed over a drugs debt, with the court hearing that the victim was stabbed through the heart and lungs. Callum Walters, aged 21, of Valentine Crescent, Darnall, and Nicole Poppe, aged 22, of Rolleston Road, Firth Park, both deny perverting the course of justice. The trial continues.