Mum’s anger as son, 6, is left on tram platform

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TRAM staff have been criticised by a Sheffield mum after closing the doors on her as she tried to alight - leaving her six-year-old son alone ‘crying hysterically’ on a platform.

Sarah Rowland, a solicitor from Ranmoor, said she had gone to see her parents-in-law on the Supertram as a ‘treat’ for young son, Joshua.

She said: “We had a lift down to the University tram stop and were getting off at Donetsk Way, Hackenthorpe.

“The tram was going quite fast, so I didn’t think it was safe to get up until it stopped.

“My son was first off, but the alarm started sounding straight away and the doors closed before I could step out.”

Sarah said she managed to alert staff and the tram stopped. Viki Rowland, her mother-in-law, who was in a car waiting to pick them up, also sounded her car horn to alert the driver.

Supertram has apologised for the incident.

Sarah said: “I am really concerned about what happened.

“The driver should have checked the mirrors to ensure everyone was off before closing the doors.”

Viki said: “My grandson was screaming hysterically and his mother extremely upset.

“Had I not been there, there were no other passengers around and Joshua would have been left unattended and I cannot imagine what would have happened to him.

“My daughter-in-law was less than two steps behind my grandson and I couldn’t believe my eyes when the door suddenly closed.”

A spokeswoman for Supertram said: “Safety is our absolute priority and all of our trams have an automatic advance warning system to advise passengers that the doors are about to close. We have now viewed the CCTV footage in relation to this incident which indicates that the passengers did not attempt to leave the tram until after the door closing alarm was sounding.

“Our conductor quickly spotted that the young child had been separated from his mother and immediately alerted the driver. The tram was brought to a standstill within a few seconds after travelling only two feet.

“We are sorry to hear of any upset caused as a result of this incident.

Every precaution is taken to prevent incidents such as this and we would ask passengers to ensure they take care to board and alight trams only when it is clearly safe to do so. We have contacted the customers involved to apologise for any upset and to advise them of the findings of our investigation so far.”