Muddled-up diversion

city centre buses
city centre buses
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Lorraine Ricketts asks, “Is there anyone else who has a view?” (“Bus changes will be chaos”, The Star, October 30). There are many Lorraine!

In the area of the upper section of Derbyshire Lane, we feel that we have been treated with contempt by First Bus Company.

The 20A route is replaced by a new 18 route from Meadowhall, with a meandering diversion via the Hollythorpe Estate and then following the old 19 route to the Sheffield Interchange. The service to run hourly, every day.

First Bus Company claim to be, “running a business”. A company which does not provide what its customers want and ask for, is a failing business.

The editorial comment in the Star, October 31, says some buses are a lifeline, my very own words in my first letter on this topic, August 4.

Joined-up network? more like muddled-up diversion.

A Russell