Ms Clark is uninformed

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Veronica Clark’s opinion piece of July 24, relies on stereotypes rather than informed argument, therefore it is ironic that she complains the fox is portrayed in overly simplistic terms.

Firstly, if Ms Clark had done a little homework she would realise that, just as those who oppose hunting come from all sorts of backgrounds, so do those who hunt and do not fit into her pigeonhole of “posh people, dressed in red coats and sitting on horses”.

All sorts of people hunt, very few wear red coats and a large number of hunts take place on foot.

Next she talks of hounds tearing the fox to pieces. Even when hunting with hounds was lawful, which it has not been for more than 10 years now, the fox was not killed by being torn apart by hounds.

She says she finds the whole idea of hunting a defenceless animal horrific and unnecessary, then goes on to say that all lambs should be born inside. This betrays a total lack of knowledge of farming, especially in upland or moorland areas.

Perhaps she’d like all chickens to be kept indoors too? That would certainly keep them safe.

There has been no explosion in the fox population because the hunting ban, which she supports, forces farmers to rely on other methods to control fox numbers. I presume she finds trapping, poisoning and shooting of foxes much more palatable.

Frustration is rife on both sides of the hunting argument and violence cannot be tolerated, whether from or against a hunt supporter.

I would encourage Ms Clark to meet some huntsmen and spend time in kennels before she makes further sweeping comments about them and their work.

Charlotte Cooper

Countryside Alliance