MPs should get £15,000 pay cut not £12,000 rise

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What do the following have in common? Unlimited immigration, the banking crisis, the deaths of elderly patients in Mid Staffs, the loss of our service personnel in foreign wars to name but a few.

All these things could have been avoided if our MPs were up to the job.

The signing of European treaties without proper scrutiny, the lack of will and vested interests within governments failed to bring the financial sector into line when warning signs were there.

The obsession with government targets resulted in health authorities forgetting about care.

Egotistical senior politicians need to be seen as a “player” on the world stage no matter what the consequences. Yet these politicians still think they can convince me to vote for them at the next election and that I will not object when they think they can get away with taking their proposed £12,000- per-year pay rise.

Perhaps the slogans the MPs spout should be altered to read: “We are all in this together” but none of this will affect me with my huge salary, gold-plated pension and expenses.

We have been let down over many years by MPs of all parties, so instead of a rise let’s have a £15,000 reduction in salary then that salary frozen for four years for every MP.

How many do you think would resign?

I would bet barely a handful, as the majority are unemployable in the real world.

P Robb