Mother treated with great care

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My attention was drawn to your article on March 1 via a letter posted for public view in Hazeldene Nursing Home commending the standard of care there and disagreeing with the adverse comments from the recent inspection.

I have been visiting my mother, who is a resident there with dementia, every two weeks for more than three years.

I come from West Sussex and spend three periods of about two hours each over two days with her.

In my experience the standard of care is consistently excellent.

There are certainly incidents of aggression between the residents and I have often seen the carers dripping with blood having been assaulted by residents. I am confident that the carers are not aggressive towards the residents.

My mother’s brain returns to normal occasionally and she then has nothing but good things to say about her accommodation and care.

Paula Comber

What an offer

Many council tenants would snatch the hand off the allocations officer if they were offered a retirement bungalow. It seems to be the ideal property for anyone over the age of 65.

Obviously Mr Wheeler has reached the stage. We all have to accept at the age of 65 you are classed as a senior citizen, like it or not. He must accept that his 18-year-old daughter will over the next few years either move out into her own accommodation or get married and move out anyway. Secondly the council’s responsibility is to rehouse him, using his application.

Accept your good luck. Not all pensioners are sat in God’s waiting room, most of us are really only 25 years of age.

Young-at-heart senior citizen

Winding down?

Now I’ve got the Bush Radiogram from Wiggies finally tuned up I discover that Rony Robinson is having one or two long weekends these days.

Hmm, is this significant? Is the great man finally winding down with a view to spending his twilight years in the founding of a centre for Edward Carpenter Studies (nothing to do with Richard or Karen or the feller that directed The Fog) at one of Sheffield’s groves of academe? I think we should be told.

Ron Clayton S6