Most people in Sheffield don’t know its history

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Last Tuesday I attended the 150th anniversary memorial service on behalf of the victims of the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864.

I was privileged to attend the service at the memorial by the River Don near to Millsands since I believe that the unfortunates who died should never be forgotten.

The event was organised by Ron Clayton, the local historian who I know loves this city of his birth just as I do. The Lord Mayor was there and it was good to see that she took the time out of her busy schedule to pay her respects on both a personal level and as number one representative of Sheffield.

The wreath of white roses looked superb, thanks to the generosity of Monica Hewitt Florists of Middlewood Road. The Home Office also sent representatives and they laid a wreath of their own, so thank you to them and well done.

My only slight disappointment is that most people in Sheffield do not seem to know their own history and for the majority this event seems to matter little.

If it wasn’t for citizens such as Ron (and others who gave up their time to attend), then the victims of this tragedy would be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Some may say that this doesn’t matter but a little human kindness goes a long way and Ron should be congratulated for his efforts to keep the memories of those who died alive.


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