More time, more apathy?

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For those not interested in politics – or voting – the next few months may seem like a very boring time.

Figures we reveal today from the election of a new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner last October show that no politician can take votes for granted when May’s General Election arrives.

The apathetic response to the PCC election was despite it being more high profile than usual as it was sparked by the resignation of Shaun Wright in the wake of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

At one polling station in Sheffield just 14 people went through the door and lowest number of voters overall was recorded in Doncaster, as staff manning the town’s All Saints Church and St Albans Church venues saw just three people all day.

Dr Rev Alan Billings was elected to replace Mr Wright on an overall turnout of 14.88 per cent, lower than the same election in 2012. Now, the election of the PCC and your local MP are very different but the principle of putting an ‘X’ in the box are the same.

There is a long run in to this General Election with it being the first of the new fixed-term parliaments.

Will people be enthused by the campaign from the major parties or will it turn them off even more to politics?