More should be done to vet would-be owners

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I read Jo Davison’s article on dogs and owners with interest. I agree that in the wrong hands dogs can be lethal, so more should be done to vet owners to be. Many haven’t a clue what looking after a dog entails.

To many a dog is a status symbol and trained to be vicious. Other dogs in the wrong hands have a life of misery. Many parents buy a puppy for the children, but many tire of the dog after the novelty wears off. Parents get fed up and so there is another bed and breakfast (out first thing, back at night) dog.

I believe problems with dogs start with some breeders. All they see are pound signs, not the dog’s welfare. I bred dogs, showed and judged them. The first question I asked anyone who wanted a puppy was ‘do you both work’. The answer, quite often was ‘Oh yes’. My reply was you can’t have one of my puppies,

I believe dogs from birth should be treated with kindness and to take a nine-week-old puppy, some leave their mothers much earlier, and expect to leave it alone whilst everyone is at work is cruel.

The formative years are most important, learning how to socialise and good behaviour. How can you control a dog if you are never with it.

In the right hands, a dog can be a great companion, in the wrong hands it can be a vicious creature.

We should start with breeders, there should be more control. Limit the number of litters.

E Stennett