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Behind every traffic change in Sheffield there is a motive and when you read the comments by Mathew Smith it makes good reading.

For myself getting a parking ticket next to the University and fighting it. They lost. Do the council now have to go the whole hog and want to pedestrianise the area to stop me and others from accessing the university?

The area has no problems with both cars and students, so why change it unless it is to make more people use the multi-storey car park being built in the area?

Regarding West Street we should go back to many years ago when traffic flowed up and down the Moor and it was full of bustling shoppers.

Now it is pedestrianised and it has lost its bustle. Traffic could get up and down onto West Street and Broad Lane.

Let’s look at what nearly happened on Broadfield Road when they tried to take traffic from two lanes into one. It was costly, look at Chesterfield Road, Woodseats. They got it wrong and that was costly.

West Street is the key to getting around our city and any attempt to change it borders on insanity.

Driving traffic off West Street by St George’s Church will put even more strain on Broad Lane and increase traffic on the roundabout.

It would seem we are going to witness more chaos thanks to those who know.

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