‘More chance of Lottery win than catching bus’ says MP

MP Clive Betts.
MP Clive Betts.
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BUS bosses are being taken to task by a Sheffield MP over a “dreadful” service through a city suburb.

Sheffield South East Labour MP Clive Betts has complained to First about the number 4 and 6 routes between the city centre and Darnall.

He said: “For several months, I have been complaining to both First and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive about the continuing poor service on the No 4 and 6 bus-routes.

“Originally, this was meant to be a 20-minute frequency route during the day, but the service was so dreadful passengers could only treat the timetable as a work of fiction.

“First South Yorkshire then changed this to a 30-minute frequency using smaller buses and promised that the service would improve significantly.

“But passengers are still getting the same poor service. Only now, when a bus goes missing, people know they’re in for an hour’s wait instead of 40 minutes.

“I simply cannot understand how the service continues to be so dreadful. It’s time First got its act together.”

Mr Betts said he has received repeated complaints, adding: “It sometimes seems you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery than in getting a number 6 bus to arrive on time.”

First South Yorkshire said problems have been due to roadworks on Ecclesall Road, which has affected both the 4 and 6 because they start their journeys in Millhouses and Fulwood and run into the city centre along Ecclesall Road before heading out to Darnall.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of the concerns of Clive Betts and some of his constituents and have been working hard to address these.

“Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, Ecclesall Road has been the subject of roadworks. The building of a new store in the area has led to temporary road closures, which, in turn, affect the level of service.

“Due to these difficult traffic conditions, that are out of our control, we are now considering whether we need to make some amendments to our services in the area over the next few months.”