Money is tight for us

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How dare Doncaster Rovers Chairman, John Ryan, claim that the town had let him down, with a crowd of around 9,500?

Belle Vue could only muster 800 when Rovers lost 3-0 to Reading on Jan 15.

As Mr Ryan understands, money is tight in Doncaster, and many football fans who reside in poverty-stricken areas, such as Stainforth, Rossington, Edlington, Denaby and Highfields, cannot afford the expensive bus fares to the Keepmoat Stadium, let alone the weekly £15 match ticket.

Much of Doncaster’s population do not live the high life and lifestyle of Mr Ryan, who has homes in Cheshire, Cape Town and Majorca.

Additionally, Doncaster, sits fairly close to major football clubs in Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.

Naturally, thousands of fans from the town, who can afford to travel, go to watch and support these alternative and competing teams. This has gone on for decades.

Mr Ryan could lead the way in helping fans afford to get through the turnstile at Doncaster Rovers by reducing footballers’ obscene wages, thereby reflecting the economic climate of Doncaster and elsewhere, with further reductions in turnstile prices to fill his empty-seated stadium.

If Mr Ryan has any doubts about this information, I respectfully suggest that he takes time, any weekday, to observe the number of mass unemployed people of the town gathering to sign on outside the Job Centre, in Wood Street. He will then no doubt be in agreement that the £15 sacrifice, from the £65 a week Job Seekers Allowance, is not a happy pill to swallow.

Alongside the unemployed are the student population, who are now likely to lose their weekly Educational Maintainance Allowance of £30, causing them to fall into further dire straits.

Tony McCready BSc, Intake, Doncaster