Molly Lynch discusses feminism

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Sisters - they aren’t half doing it for themselves lately.

Whether it’s the re-launch of Spare Rib magazine, or the No More Page 3 campaign which has won support in the Houses of Parliament - feminism is certainly a hot topic at the minute. It has led me to ponder whether I would qualify as a fully-fledged member of the sisterhood. I certainly like to think that I’m Every Woman, but I have good reason to believe I wouldn’t make the grade with those cord-wearing, beard-stroking intellectuals (that’s just the ladies) who treat feminism like some exclusive club.

I think women’s football is dreadful, for one. I shave. Russian fem-rockers Pussy Riot’s politics might be admirable, but their music is dire. And ever since my mother try to pull over on a slip road after ‘accidentally’ driving on to the motorway I’ve held a firm belief men make better drivers than women.

When news that Spare Rib’s founders Rosie Boycott and Marsha Rowe, had trademarked the brand name amid concerns over the all-new version product I was one of few who applauded the move.

Feministas were quick to voice their disgust. How terribly un-sisterly, they roared.

But I say good on them. It was their hard work which made Spare Rib a success. Despite its feminist agenda, it was essentially a business. Why should new editor Charlotte Raven come along and take that established name for herself, free-of-charge? It’s akin to someone mugging the KFC Colonel for his secret recipe.

Probably the most cardinal sin, however, is that I don’t support the proposal to ban Page 3.

I can’t say I enjoy bare breasts staring at me as I tuck into my bowl of bran flakes every morning. But avoiding this is rather easy - I just don’t buy The Sun.

Blaming Rupert Murdoch for creating a society where women are viewed as sex objects is hysterical. You really ought to calm down, dears.

I know all this will probably go down as well with the feminist brigade as a soggy Victoria Sponge at a WI meeting. But they should remember The Sun readers of their Page 3 girls would also rob the world of its accompanying News in Brief segment.

Is it really in the interests of feminism to ban something which provides a platform for young beauties to air their views on the big issue of the day? Let’s ask Staycee, 21, a 34DD from Bognor Regis what she thinks...