Mixed views on plan to alter busy junction

Moorhead junction
Moorhead junction
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PROPOSALS to remove a traffic obstruction at a key Sheffield city centre junction have provoked a mixed reaction.

Sheffield Council is holding a public vote on its website about whether to allow buses to turn right again out of Pinstone Street at Moorhead on to Furnival Gate towards Charter Square.

All traffic currently has to turn left out of Pinstone Street towards Furnival Square, in the opposite direction - where buses have to make a U-turn to head back towards Charter Square, meaning they have to negotiate an extra roundabout and three extra sets of traffic lights.

Reinstating the right turn from Pinstone Street would speed up buses - but the present layout allows more people to cross the road between Pinstone Street and The Moor.

Sandra Barley, centre liaison manager at The Moor, said: “Sheffield Council’s public vote into changes at the Moorhead junction is premature.

“We do not yet know how major retail-led development proposals for the city centre will affect Moorhead, nor how reported changes to this junction might impact on this much needed investment.

“It is vital this junction forms an important link through Sheffield city centre for pedestrians. The retailers on The Moor are against any changes to the Moorhead junction, which interfere with pedestrian flows. Furthermore the Council is planning to relocate the indoor Market to The Moor in 2013 generating even more pedestrian traffic across the Moorhead junction.”

But George Day, from Arbourthorne, said: “This idea will not only free Sheffield up but it will reduce traffic pollution, let’s take this idea on board and get Sheffield back on the move again.”

But another reader gave a cautious welcome. He said: “The problem with this junction is when you remove the obstruction or make it smaller, you will get ‘the rules of the road are not for me’ drivers going through straight on from Charter Square to Furnival Square.

“Let the buses turn right but make sure that traffic does not drive at pedestrians on the crossing.”

More than two dozen people commented on The Star’s website - mostly in favour of making the change. Many wanted the council to go further and reinstate the option to drive straight on from Charter Square to Furnival Square, which is not in the vote.

Log on to www.sheffield.gov.uk to cast your vote.