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Despite writing several letters to The Star, I have yet to have any printed, yet you continue to print ones on an almost daily basis from Terry Palmer.

I’m sure there are many readers like myself who look forward to the views of other people, but don’t have a computer and may struggle to write their own opinions.

I don’t go around with rose-tinted glasses, nor do I look for the negative in Sheffield society.

I am Welsh and have always been proud to tell family and friends that I live here.

Sheffield is still a big village to me, always trying to punch above its weight.

Unfortunately, the heart of this place is always being ripped out. I suppose the rot set in when they demolished the Castle Market and to get rid of the Freebee bus was shortsighted.

The new people coming here keep themselves to themselves. It’s not like when the West Indians came, they were happy to mingle. I know, because I married one and we had many happy years together, plus seven children, and now I’m a great-grandmother.

I’m happy with my lot despite poor health. I rely on the support of my neighbours.

Annie Jones