Misguided faith

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It is so disappointing that the Labour council members did not recognise that the trees being removed are in many cases not diseased and dying.

In particular Labour Coun Neale Gibson claimed on Twitter “I don’t think I’ve ever heard such rubbish spoken about dead and dying trees on Rustlings Road as in today’s council.”

He was clearly overlooking the fact that most of the trees are healthy.

In another tweet Coun Gibson said “I understand the concerns of people who think that trees are going to be removed unnecessarily, this is not going to happen.”

This in fact was going to happen on Cliffe Farm Drive – in Coun Neale Gibson’s own S11 neighbourhood – two trees had signs attached to them to be removed after the work on the path and road had been completed. The reason given was damage to our boundary wall.

We challenged this twice and on the second occasion they did a U-turn and said in writing: “I can advise that the trees on Cliffe Farm Drive are not going to be felled as we were able to successfully complete the resurfacing with the trees in place.”

Dr K Ferris