Minister is barking up the wrong tree

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Some years ago I had a conversation with a now retired professional tree doctor.

He informed me that when tree planting was all the rage with various city councils, some councils were ill advised and have suffered ever since because most of the trees were of woodland varieties.

In Sheffield’s case we are suffering disruption to our paths and roadways because of the roots. Apparently, the roots of woodland species can extend to three or four times the height of the tree.

As we know Amey the contractor for Sheffield city council are now rectifying the situation.

I am also concerned about the use of the M1 hard shoulder ending at J35A.

To compare this stretch of the M1 with that of the M42 is ludicrous.

Surely the design of the motorways was for the safety factor of the hard shoulder.

The minister in question is barking up the wrong tree.

Of course this idea is cheaper than adding a forth lane.

Stan Bradbury

High Green