‘Mindless’ yobs set park on fire

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A SOFA taken to Wombwell Park in Barnsley and set on fire has caused £2,500 of damage to swings and surfacing.

The incident follows the theft of a £3,500 stainless steel slide from the same playground earlier this month.

Ward councillors Margaret Morgan, Denise Wilde and Richard Wraith said: “We can’t understand why someone would try to undo all the hard work by recklessly damaging the place. There are unprecedented pressures on council budgets - it isn’t possible to continually replace damaged and stolen equipment.”

Brian Whittaker of the Friends of Wombwell Park added: “Sadly, mindless acts like this do make you start to ask if it’s all worth the effort.”

Anyone with information about the fire on Monday should contact South Yorkshire Police by calling 101.