Meryl’s a sight better

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Meryl Streep; one of us.

Amidst all the preening, postulating, overdressed celebrities desperately trying to out-do each other in the frock and the bitching stakes at America’s Golden Globes, she did it her way. And ours.

Sod trying to squeeze yourself into something tortuously tight and revealing and trying to look 20 years younger. She went for comfort and wafted in wearing what was surely a housecoat with a bit of that’ll-do gold doily stuck on the front.

Picking up Best Actress for her Maggie Thatcher role in The Iron Lady, she realised she’d gone and forgotten her glasses. Again.

Cue her husband, rolling his eyes and searching the table, then resignedly trekking off to the car to retrieve them out of that handy little cupholder-thing near the handbrake.