Men’s team should have stayed home with mummy

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If DS of Dronfield (Letters, June 12) really wanted to experience extreme football boredom then the England men’s team provided a far better example of it in the recent friendly in Dublin. Perhaps THEY should have stayed at home doing the housework.

As for the women’s team, admittedly they could have tried playing open attacking football the other night. Unfortunately, as the French are currently ranked third in the world to our sixth and have several top class highly effective forwards it would probably have meant we lost by several goals rather than just the one from their No 9’s thumping shot.

As it was, England’s tightly organised and disciplined display wasn’t pretty but kept them in with a chance of nicking a result right up to the final whistle.

I actually felt more optimistic at the end of the game about their overall chances in the tournament than I did at the beginning.

I was particularly impressed by the English central defender who was the recipient of a non-accidental flung elbow from a French forward in an aerial challenge. After treatment she carried on regardless, despite a massive swelling just under her eye.

In similar circumstances plenty of male Premier League players would have been rolling around on the ground and looking for mummy to kiss it better.

Jon Ball