Memories of evacuee sent to Loughborough

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Mavis Godley isn’t the last evacuee in Sheffield. My sister and I were evacuated aged seven and eight in September 1939. We went on the train from Heeley Station to Loughborough. Mum said it was a holiday, it lasted four years.

At first we were placed with an old lady and her daughter, but they had no idea how to look after children so we were placed with Mr and Mrs Froggatt, who had two boys a little older than us.

She looked after us and we never went hungry, but, there was no love as such.

We played out all hours and in the school holidays we went to the pictures and saw the main film twice! We were happy enough.

We did not know there was a war on, as we had no air raids only rationing.

Mum and dad came to visit us every so often and we never liked them to go home.

Then Mrs Froggatt had a baby girl and we used to take her all over.

There was a gasometer at the bottom of the garden it facinated us going up and down every day.

Mr Froggatt worked in the stocking factory next door. He took us in once but I cannot remember much about it.

I think Mrs Froggatt found looking after five children too much, so we came home. My mum said we talked posh when we came home.

We went back again with our husbands, nothing had changed.

Joan Durgan

by email