Memorial in a state

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having attended the HMS Sheffield Memorial Ceremony at the cathedral for the last few years, along with my ex-husband, I was saddened by the forlorn state of the memorial in the cathedral forecourt.

The memorial, donated by the Chamber of Commerce, was a good thought but a larger and more fitting memorial would be more appropriate, especially as few are aware of where it might be. In fact the wreaths are really the only indication.

I would have thought that when the cathedral forecourt is refurbished, some organisation might be able to provide a suitable memorial – for instance a stainless steel anchor bearing the names of the 20 men who gave their lives.

Finally, to say it was the 30th anniversary of the attack on HMS Sheffield, media coverage was poor.

Margaret McDonagh

Saturday, June 30 is Armed Forces Day. A Sheffield Pals poppy memorial, set in the ruins of Manor Lodge as part of the Manor Lodge Flower Festival, will be consecrated by a representative of the Anglican Diocese of Sheffield in memory of the Pals who went over the top on July 1, 1916 on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Members of the Royal British Legion, former members of the York and Lancaster Regiment and relatives of any of the Sheffield Pals are cordially invited to attend the service which will commence at 11 am at Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, and which will be accompanied by music by the Sheffield Salvation Army.

Further information will be made available nearer the date but if any one has any enquiries please email me at

Ron Clayton, S6