Memorabilia is up for grabs

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Many readers forecast what would happen to Coun Scriven’s party at the elections. Now here’s another prediction: the General Election will bring total oblivion. Time to start collecting Lib Dem memorabilia.

Catherine Mann, Gleadless

can Coun Scriven tell us if it was worth his leader Clegg betraying his loyal voters? His coalition will be dealt with at the General Election.

Polly Dewhurst, Hallam

OH what have you done Clegg to gain a position in an un-elected government? You sent our party into political oblivion. A friend said she wouldn’t vote and I said she should. Her reply was what about your spineless MPs who abstained on tuition fees? It made me ashamed to be a Lib Dem.

Alice Montgomery, now former

Lib Dem, Hallam

Clegg lost the AV vote, he lost seats for his councillors, but most of all he has lost the respect of the nation. Time to fall on your sword before you’re stabbed from behind by the few loyal Lib Dems.

Sanita Singh, Hallam

it’s going to be interesting what Labour do now they’re in charge. When the Lib Dems were in, Labour said they would do this and that. Now Labour has its chance once more to make a mess of our Sheffield - block off all the roads, take away parking areas around the city centre, put bus gates back and reduce our bin collections from weekly to fortnightly.

G Day