Meadowhead roundabout, here we go round again

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Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for development, quotes in your article in The Star, November 30, about the ‘long-awaited improvements’ to Meadowhead rounadabout.

Long awaited! The original proposals were in 2009. No wonder businesses are complaining about the delay and now the timing of the start of the work.

The councillor then has the effrontery to say he is ‘confident the long-term benefits will make it worthwhile. This work will reduce journey times, improve safety and ease congestion’.

What planet is this guy on and when did he ever visit the area? Traffic comes off that island and uses a main corridor route of traffic into Sheffield via the A61. Where does that take you? I’ll tell you, past the main entrance and exit of a major supermarket, down Meadowhead through the now defunct traffic lights, installed to control traffic flow and into Woodseats.

Has this councillor ever read any of the reports or been to this busy shopping area? At a cost of millions of pounds, Sheffield City Council and their planners developed a heavily congested area and made a permanent on the road car park. This is not helped by seven sets of traffic lights in a distance of probably no more than 800 yards.

Try again Coun Bramall. Most people in the area affected know your promises are meaningless, and will only add to another of this council’s faux pas.