Mass destruction of mature street trees

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Many people have lost interest in party politics, mostly because there is no fundamental difference between the parties, and the three main contenders have between them contributed to the sorry state in which we find ourselves today.

I feel powerless as our welfare state and National Health Service, which were our proudest post-war achievements, are being dismantled before our eyes.

A whole section of the electorate have been disenfranchised, myself included, as no party any longer listens to our concerns or represents our views.

Unfortunately local government suffers from the same malaise.

It doesn’t matter which party has overall control in Sheffield, Labour and Lib Dems seem to me to be as devious as each other when they are given power.

The council is in the process of staging a mass destruction of beautiful mature street trees. We have been told that they have become dangerous or grown too large for their site.

We know this is just not true of the majority of these trees.

Experts such as Professor Ian Rotherham have given their well-informed criticism of this vandalism, including not only the obvious aesthetic reasons but also the important ecological ones.

Residents from the areas concerned have pleaded for the trees to be saved as they can see the whole character of their area drastically changing for the worse.

Trees will be replaced but they will not reach maturity in my lifetime.

Obviously the council has made this decision in order to save money on maintenance, but they appear to believe that their constituents are incapable of engaging in an intelligent discussion about economic priorities and will be duped into accepting the pathetic lies we are told.

The depressing fact is that the council will doubtless steamroller this policy through to the bitter end, contemptuously ignoring all those expressing views different from their own.

Our city is one of the least attractive in the north, one reason being that so many of our old buildings have been allowed to be demolished and have been replaced by poor quality modern ones; it’s a miracle the Lyceum is still standing.

Our suburbs and green spaces are what makes Sheffield a good place to live, but it looks like the council wants to do to them what it has done to the city centre.

I would very much welcome an honest response from a council representative, but having been a Sheffield local government officer for many years, my experience tells me that one will not be forthcoming.

Teresa Pursall

Greystones Road, S11