MARTIN SMITH: Are Owls and Blades fans ready to share sponsors?

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IT’S A small world and getting smaller. Today Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are to hold a joint press conference at the Crucible Theatre in the city centre.

No, they are not entering teams into the World Snooker Championships nor are they announcing that the players have been cast in the panto.

But they are going to have the same shirt sponsors for next season. I don’t know what that says about the clubs but it’s not going to go down too well with some fans.

The Tweedledee and Tweedledum approach to sponsorship means that United will bear the name of the car dealership Gilders on their away shirts and Wednesday will have it on their first choice kit.

The Owls will have the Westfield Health logo on their away strip and United will have it on their home jerseys.

Both have made a six-figure sum out of the deal and - here’s the spooky bit - both clubs were formed at meetings in the Adelphi Hotel that once stood where the Crucible is now.

Wednesday was formed there in 1867 and United 1889. Yorkshire Cricket Club was also formed there in 1863 as was the Sheffield FA in 1867.

An omen for the creation of a new club today? Don’t let’s start that again.

Time for a laugh - here is a Top Ten of players’ names.

1 Bongo Christ - Congolese striker with the right connections.

2 Johnny Moustache - Seychelles star just a whisker wide.

3 Danger Fourpence - A Zimbabwean who comes with his own price tag.

4 Jan Johannes Vennegor of Hesselink - Dutch striker with the double dutch name.

5 Osa Ice-Cream Guadobia - Sweet passer, cool in midfield.

6 Gregory Playfair - retired midfielder never put a foot wrong.

7 Stephen Sunny Sunday - Does his best work in Sky TV games

8 Segar Bastard - Now deceased English forward

9 Naughty Mokoena - South African to keep an eye on

10 Creedance Clearwater Revival Couto - Brazilian with Bad Moon Rising?