Maps categorise region’s crime

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RESIDENTS across Sheffield can find out just how many crimes are committed in their neighbourhoods thanks to the Government’s crime maps, which detail every reported offence in the city’s suburbs. The Star visited four areas across the city to build up a picture of how crime affects communities.

Parson Cross

In Parson Cross 578 offences were logged on a map of crime compiled in February. The crimes included 53 burglaries, 304 incidents of anti-social behaviour, one robbery, 42 vehicle crimes, 33 violent crimes and 145 other offences.

Neville Clark, aged 76, who lives in a block of flats on Milnrow View, Parson Cross, agreed the area is ‘terrible for crime’ and said the figures didn’t surprise him.

“But I think it’s the same all over,” he added. “The police are doing their best but they’ve not got the resources. People go out smashing windows and when you ring the police they tell you not to confront the perpetrators.

“I’ve lived in Parson Cross since 1947 - it’s changed in that there’s no control over the young people. Their mums and dads don’t know what’s happening with them.”


In affluent leafy Dore the picture was different - just 50 crimes were recorded in February, made up of three burglaries, 20 incidents of anti-social behaviour, two robberies, two vehicle crimes, two violent crimes and 12 others.

Margaret Clegg, 92, praised the area: “There isn’t a lot of crime. People feel safe going out at night. I feel quite safe living here. Everybody is so friendly, even the schoolchildren,” she said.

“At one time we heard a lot about cars being damaged and broken into but it’s not heard a lot of lately and I can’t see drug dealers getting away with much here with older people watching things. Dore is a very strong community - I’ve lived here for 20 years and I just love it. It’s a lovely place to live. I think the worst crime in Dore is parking on double yellow lines.”

Mum-of-one Ruth Woodham, 41, told The Star she had heard of few crimes while living in Dore.

“Four years ago somebody drove down our road and had a fight and two years ago somebody I know had their house burgled,” she said. “Occasionally the children are a bit boisterous when they come out of school. Crime’s really low in Dore. It seems very safe to me.”


Crime rates were higher in Crookes where 562 crimes were committed - 46 burglaries, 279 cases of anti-social behaviour, three robberies, 44 vehicle crimes, 26 violent crimes and 164 others.

Sheffield University student James Bailey, 23, said the statistics were ‘unsurprising’.

“They seem about right. It’s interesting the figures for anti-social behaviour are the highest, though I suppose it depends where in Crookes you live,” he added.

“A lot of students live here and families. There’s a mix. It’s always seemed generally like a nice place to live though.”


In Gleadless 421 offences were recorded - 48 burglaries, 240 anti-social incidents, two robberies, 27 vehicle crimes, 21 violent crimes and 83 others.

But one resident, who didn’t want his name to appear in The Star, said it was a ‘good area’.

“I’ve lived here for four years and it’s not a bad place at all. There are two sides to Gleadless though. The problem is the young people who have nothing to do, and there’s quite a few break-ins and car thefts,” he said.

“I didn’t know there were as many crimes as in the statistics, I’m surprised.”

But his friend, aged 50, who has lived in Gleadless for 10 years, added: “There’s too much crime in Gleadless. It used to be a good place to live, but it isn’t now.

“It’s mainly drugs and thefts, car crime, vandalism. The crime figures are only half of it, it’s got to be more.”

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