Manufacturing our heartbeat

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WHEN the going gets tough, the tough get going.

There’s no better example of the truth of those words than the performance of the Sheffield region’s Top 50 manufacturers, named in today’s Star Business.

Four out of five are making profits and the size of those profits has risen, despite the double dip recession.

More importantly, there is a rich vein of investment and innovation which has underpinned the success of many of those manufacturers.

Three of this year’s Top 50 have also been named Queen’s Award winners this year and another has won more Queen’s Awards than any other Yorkshire company.

Two of the Top 50 have also recently been named as individual winners of government backing from the latest round of Regional Growth Fund awards.

All successes of which the companies themselves and the region can be justifiably proud.

This region was built on manufacturing and manufacturing continues to play a key part in its future economic success.

Be sure you dig deep for heroes

THE launch of this year’s Poppy Appeal should give us all pause for thought.

When the mayors of Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham make ceremonial purchases of each area’s first poppy we should follow suit.

It’s easy to say and to agree to, but this year let us make sure we all actually do it.

Because good intentions are no use to the millions who depend on donations made to the Royal British Legion.

It aims to raise £42 million nationwide and that takes some doing.

So when the appeals are launched locally over the next few days, make sure you dig deep for those who have given so much.

Not a shooting city

READERS will be shocked by the latest shooting to have taken place on the streets of Sheffield.

This is not a city known for its gun crime, but there have now been two incidents in the space of just over two weeks and a third took place just over a month ago when a man was shot in the street.

Police are linking this latest attack on Cuthbert Bank Road with the earlier incident in Parson Cross.

But they are keen to stress that it is an unusual occurrence. It is important we don’t get this out of hand, but equally crucial that the culprit is caught soon.