Manufacturing a bargain plan

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IT has long been a shame the iconic Hagglers Corner factory in Queens Road has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair .

Built in 1871, this quirky yellow complex on one of the main arterial routes into the city has been everything from a coal dealers to a confectioners, a joiners to an ironmongers.

But for nearly ten years it has been nothing more than a symbol of decline, particularly as the global financial crash ravaged this county’s economy.

Now, if ambitious proposals are given the go-ahead, all that is set to change.

Building owner Capital Investments, the Nether Edge property developer, has revealed plans to transform the building into a series of 12 little mester-style workshops, a cafe, dance studio and showroom shop.

It will, managers say, provide both a unique working space for a variety of craftspeople and an attractive shopping destination.

Such a plan, which reflects both the building’s past and offers something exciting for the future, can only bode well for the city.

We wish the project well.

Sheffield Homes comes to rescue

WE are sure that Sheffield pensioner Ivy Hides will join us in congratulating Sheffield Homes who have reviewed her application for a ground floor flat and decided that the 91 year old tenant has the strongest case.

Ivy had feared that she would be overlooked for the move because she was not the first to apply for the property.

But the housing organisation said that their review of the applicants found that Ivy was the most deserving case and ruled in her favour.

Sheffield Homes faces a near impossible job in trying to please everyone. But on this occasion we are sure that all concerned will be pleased with the result.

What is more it should give heart to other applicants who fear they will be overlooked. For Sheffield Homes shows that it is an organisation which understands that people matter.

Groups cashing in

NEWS that the Labour council in Sheffield has reprieved a fund for small voluntary groups will be music to the ears of those who rely on this cash source for their survival.

For a while it seemed that the fund would be wound up as the city council struggles to balance the books under current and looming cutbacks.

But a means of saving the fund has been found. And we are sure that the organisations who are already lining up for a share of the money will repay the city many times over with their good and hard work that touches the lives of hundreds of people in our city.