Manager caught with her hand in the till

Kirsty Bedford.
Kirsty Bedford.
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A SHOP manager in Sheffield has been fired and convicted of theft after she was caught on camera stealing from the till.

Kirsty Bedford, aged 32, rose swiftly up the ranks to become manager of the Cheque Shop on City Road, Manor Top, after only nine months working for the firm.

But her series of promotions were brought to a sudden halt when her boss caught her skimming cash.

Bedford, of Middlecliff Rise, Waterthorpe, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court to theft.

The court heard her boss installed CCTV in the shop without her knowledge.

She was arrested after the new system filmed her taking money out of the shop till and putting it in her bag.

District Judge Anthony Browne gave her a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £150 compensation and £40 legal costs.

Cheque Shop area manager Sean Fogg, speaking outside court, said: “This has knocked me for six. She had worked her way up to being shop manager in a really short space of time.

“She was really good with the customers and it was a big shock when I found out.

“She had been sending money all around the world through Western Union and handling big sums of money through the gold that came into the shop.”

Mr Fogg said he began to suspect when Bedford started wearing expensive clothes and boasting of nights out in posh restaurants.

“I installed the covert camera system and she confessed straight away, before I had even showed her the footage.

“In an industry like this with lots of cash floating about there is bound to be some leakage. I pressed charges because I needed to show we wouldn’t put up with something like this.”